Chill Magazine June 2012 Campaign

Tellem Design Team June 4, 2012 0

Top Email Campaign Pick — ChillOnline (Chill Magazine) is a magazine designed to appeal to the attitudes and lifestyles of the outgoing, active Canadian. Contemporary not trendy, authentic not replicated, Chill, a surprisingly compelling and humourous magazine, has become a staple in our readers’ down time. Whether Chill concurs, promotes or confronts a particular issue, it will always culminate with a relaxed, settled disposition, designed to de-pressurize and simply Chill the reader! Each issue, offered at The Beer Store, select newsstands nationally, and worldwide by subscription, balances regular columns and seasonal features, leveraging a number of our nation’s most prolific leisure, lifestyle, entertainment, travel, business and sports writers. Each issue of Chill takes the reader on a journey that is both informative, insightful and most importantly, entertaining. Chill magazine is informal, approachable, genuine and simply fun for the reader! Magazine

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