Mobile Set to Surpass Desktop & Webmail Usage July 2012

Tellem Design Team June 11, 2012 0

Mobile devices are changing how and where we view emails and email campaigns.   The latest stats from Return Path show mobile is set to surpass desktop and webmail client usage by July 2012.  By the end of 2012, more people will be reading emails on a mobile than on the desktop or on webmail.

MARCH 2012 STAT– 63% of Americans and 41% of Europeans would either close or delete an email not optimized for mobile

” After examining data from over 90 email clients, amounting for more than 130 million data points over a 6 month period, Return Path found that while webmail clients overall are on a slow decline, mobile views increased by 82.4% over the same period (March ’11 – March ’12). Mobile devices currently claim 16% of overall email client market share, with 85% of mobile email opens occurring on an Apple iOS device.”

So what’s that mean for you and your email marketing efforts? Those that are not optimizing their email marketing for the mobile market stand to lose out big time.  Sending out campaigns that are not mobile-ready results in reduced campaign open rate and reduces your ROI on your email marketing efforst.

If you’re not optimizing your email campaigns for’s the time!  Check out the awesome infographic below courtesy of ReturnPath.

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