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Tellem Design Team May 10, 2012 0

This email campaign shows that keeping it short and sweet is all it takes to get your message across.  We’re all strapped for time and your email recepients will be ruthless when it comes to deciding whether or not they’re going to give your email campaign even a remote chance of being reviewed.  Keep it simple!  

Mortgage Planner, Laurie Campbell kept it simple and elegant with this ”keep in touch” campaign to her clients.  We found the blend of valuable content, attractive graphics and vibrant colours is all it took to keep us engaged in reading the entire thing.   What a great way to stay top of mind with clients!  Laurie and the Mortgage Architects Marketing Team did a nice job on this campaign. 


Mortgages by Laurie | Mortgage Architects

Mortgages by Laurie | Mortgage Architects


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