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Tellem Design Team June 4, 2012 0

Top Email Campaign Pick — On the day Alfred Peet opened his first coffee store on the corner of Walnut and Vine Streets in Berkeley, CA, he quietly began a revolution in the way Americans experienced the taste and quality of their coffee – a revolution that persists to this day.

By 1969, Peet’s Coffee & Tea became a gathering place for coffee devotees, and this success attracted other artisan food purveyors to the neighborhood, which soon became known as the Gourmet Ghetto. Alfred Peet further catalyzed the specialty coffee movement when he mentored and inspired a generation of coffee entrepreneurs, including the founders of Starbucks, whom he supplied with Peet’s roasted beans during their first years of operation.

Peets Coffee House Campaign 1


Peets Coffee House Campaign 2

Peet’s Coffee and Tea created a 2 phase email campaign series to keep their customers and business partners updated:

Campaign 1 – Introduce Peet’s new Website features.  The main objective was to foster a feeling of fun and build a relationship with the recipient. This campaign generated positive feedback so followup campaigns were planned.

Campaign 2 – While most email campaigns tend to focus on “selling a product or service”, Peet’s decided to build on the success of their first campaign…. to further foster this laid-back atmosphere.  Their email campaign contained a brief greeting and a copy of a comic with a coffee/Internet theme from New Yorker magazine.
Their list of 19,000 email subscribers was emailed in 2 steps.  Step 1 – Peet’s sent out a “test” email campaign to 1,000 of the subscribers to determine whether any negative or unexpected problems might arise. Step 2 – When no problems or complaints were reported, the remaining 18,000 email recipients received their email campaign 2 days later.

Sending Strategy – Peet’s smartly sent out the email campaign late at night knowing that the campaign would greet people in the morning while they are enjoying a cup of coffee….making it that much more receptive and effective.

Sending Stats – The e-mail campaign’s friendly, non-pushy tone and late night delivery worked!  The campaign generated approximately 100 positive responses from recipients the following day. Within two weeks, the campaign’s click-through rate was an impressive 32 percent. The second campaign, plus Peet’s initial introductory campaign resulted in a 15 percent overall increase in sales.

To top it off, the campaigns only accounted for .05 percent of Peet’s total advertising budget.

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